Why to grow flowers? Grow vegetables instead!

Vegetable gardening in urban environment is for everyone and benefits everyone!
  • Reverse the effects of work stress
  • Improve biodiversity & create new habitats
  • Improve living environment
  • Reduce rainwater run-off
  • Reduce food insecurity
  • Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

Industry Headlines

  • Green gardens sprouting from vacant lots. Urban farmers hope to grow city’s economy.
  • M&S rolls out in-store fresh herb “farms” across London.
    Marks & Spencer
  • IKEA and Tom Dixon Explore Urban Farming with “Gardening Will Save the World”
  • Indoor farming is one of the decade’s hottest trends, but regulations make success elusive
    Roanoke Times
  • The Ultimate Farming Tool is Data
    Felix Ingla